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[Updated on 14th July 2018]


Sophia Davenport (EAPA initiative) to Jackie Doyle-Price MP:

There is compelling evidence from clinical and laboratory studies – based on a University of Harvard publication - involving brain-imaging technologies – that prove that levels of neurohormones like oxytocin — which is involved in pair-bonding and maternal attachment — rise after interaction with pets.

Thus, it proves that the human-animal emotional bond does not differ from the one that we sustain in relation to close family members i.e. our own children.

Additional evidence - based on NHS sources - states that being cut off from your family members is increasing the risk of depression, so being cut off from your pet is increasing the risk of depression.

So, to simplify, the lack of any human-pet relationship protection is a factor in developing depression, as we are emotionally bonding with our pets in the same way (scientifically proven), so forcing people to give up on their family members when they need all the help available to feel needed and to have some sense of purpose, is simply immoral.

Jackie Doyle-Price MP to Sophia Davenport (EAPA initiative):

I appreciate that pets are a comfort to their owners.

Sophia Davenport (EAPA initiative) to Jackie Doyle-Price MP:

The point I raised was clearly missed by Jacki Doyle-Price MP, as if she did not miss it, would it not have to also mean that she is saying “I appreciate that children are a comfort to their parents“?

So, my question for Jackie Doyle-Price MP is how many people have to kill themselves for Jackie Doyle-Price MP to appreciate the difference between “comfort” and parental love and family, and the implication of a “get rid of your family or become homeless” choice on the emotional state of many?

Not supporting the EAPA initiative means not only not responding to the opportunity to save lives and prevent tragedies, but it is actually promoting a status quo that causes people tragedies and in fact it triggers suicides as it leaves vulnerable people exposed to an impossible choice to become homeless or give up on their family and their purpose to be alive. It is sending a message to our nation and teaches our children that it is ok to consider other living creatures as a burden and disregard compassion over business profitability.

Jackie Doyle-Price MP says, “the Government would not seek to intervene in commercial decisions”, regardless of the social justice and regardless of human life and human tragedies. If all governments assume such an attitude, there would be no NHS, children would work in coal mines from the age of 10 and slavery would still be acceptable.

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