RE: Response from Jackie Doyle-Price MP - p.5

[Updated on 14th July 2018]

Jackie Doyle-Price MP to Sophia Davenport (EAPA initiative):

Clinical commissioning group may choose to incorporate therapeutic services that include interaction with animals. However, when commissioning services we would expect NHS organisations to look at the evidence available and assess whether an intervention – medical or therapeutic – would be effective or of increased benefit to patients, whilst having consideration for funding.

Sophia Davenport (EAPA initiative) to Jackie Doyle-Price MP:

It appears that Jackie Doyle-Price MP trivialises the emotional bond between humans and their pets. She purposefully omits to learn more about the issue raised to her, now repeatedly. The original petition says:

Therefore, the petitioners request that the House of Commons urges the Government to introduce legislation that recognises the importance of the emotional relationship of man and their non-human family members; further to put the interest of the most vulnerable and the public interest above the right of the property owners if the property is a subject of commercial gain; and further that the legislation should allow the emotional support animal access in housing facilities, even when the complex has a no pet policy or breed/weight discriminatory policies.”

Yet, she keeps narrowing it to pet therapy, ignoring the very merit of the petition that addresses access in housing facilities. The very core foundation of the EAPA initiative, which is focused on the prevention of suicide and depression. It makes her reassurance of care for the very people who are at risk of depression seem to simply be fake and that is upsetting.)

Not supporting the EAPA initiative means not only not responding to the opportunity to save lives and prevent tragedies, but it is actually promoting a status quo that causes people tragedies and in fact it triggers suicides as it leaves vulnerable people exposed to an impossible choice to become homeless or give up on their family and their purpose to be alive. It is sending a message to our nation and teaches our children that it is ok to consider other living creatures as a burden and disregard compassion over business profitability.

Jackie Doyle-Price MP says, “the Government would not seek to intervene in commercial decisions”, regardless of the social justice and regardless of human life and human tragedies. If all governments assume such an attitude, there would be no NHS, children would work in coal mines from the age of 10 and slavery would still be acceptable.

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