RE: Response from Jackie Doyle-Price MP - p.4

[Updated on 14th July 2018]

Jackie Doyle-Price MP to Sophia Davenport (EAPA initiative):

… as for any business, it is reasonable for them to seek to reduce their risks.

Sophia Davenport (EAPA initiative) to Jackie Doyle-Price MP:

Yet, Jackie Doyle-Price MP cares very deeply for the risk that Landlords may assume (which is beyond the scope of her role and this out of scope factor is the very reason she excuses herself and “washes her hands” of the responsibilities raised as part of EAPA petition).

It is a fact that all businesses assume risks. As for now, the risk evaluation for Landlords in the UK in terms of pets, if there is any proper one at all, is not based on any tangible data, it can only be a guess, biased by common misconceptions and stereotypical mindsets. 

Since Landlords can easily protect themselves from most scenarios, including any irritation to the property of any origin by reference checking, security deposits and a good tenancy agreement, plus inspections run on a regular 3-4 monthly basis, as well as Landlord insurance, I do not actually see any reason why they should be treated differently than any other service provider and should accept the risk or release the property back on to the market. More properties on the market is also a desirable outcome if I am correct.

(There is no scientific research (actual data) to support the thesis that Tenants who have pets are worse, more difficult or cause more damage to properties, than those who do not.  Some believe so, but beliefs can be insane. For instance, no such a long time ago, in the twentieth century, so called "respectable" families in the US that employed Afro-American domestic help were socially required to have an outhouse lavatory for them, so as not to share the same bathroom facilities, due to the risk of diseases they were allegedly spreading.)

Not supporting the EAPA initiative means not only not responding to the opportunity to save lives and prevent tragedies, but it is actually promoting a status quo that causes people tragedies and in fact it triggers suicides as it leaves vulnerable people exposed to an impossible choice to become homeless or give up on their family and their purpose to be alive. It is sending a message to our nation and teaches our children that it is ok to consider other living creatures as a burden and disregard compassion over business profitability.

Jackie Doyle-Price MP says, “the Government would not seek to intervene in commercial decisions”, regardless of the social justice and regardless of human life and human tragedies. If all governments assume such an attitude, there would be no NHS, children would work in coal mines from the age of 10 and slavery would still be acceptable.

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